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Alt 03-31-2013
Fatih Arslan Fatih Arslan isimli Üye şimdilik offline konumundadır
Üyelik tarihi: Feb 2011
Bulunduğu yer: USA
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Standart Good teachers set challenging tasks for their students

It is true that teacher is a very important factor to shape the students’ characters and also to improve the students’ abilities. Some teachers use different kinds of method such as; giving the students research projects, using various materials and visual sources and setting challenging tasks for their students. These kinds of tasks are very helpful to improve the students’ creative-thinking abilities and additionally required collaboration among the students. So, students learn working together as a group. [ATTACH=CONFIG]24222[/ATTACH] Challenging tasks can be considered as the activities that encourage students to go beyond their current abilities. In other words, students are expected to think more to the research and to come up with complex strategies to overcome the difficulties. Therefore such tasks do not have easy solution. For instance; instead of asking a student to add two numbers it is possible to create a real life example which requires the learners to put more afford and think creatively. In addition, good teachers prepare some challenging tasks for their students. These homeworks drive the students to think. As a result of these practices, students’ creative thinking abilities improve from day to day. Even many students have a potential ability comes from the birth. If this ability is not improved, it easily decline in the period. These tasks help the students to keep the alive this ability. Last but not least, because the challenging tasks are not easy to solve many students access these solution ways sharing their ideas. So, they can learn working together to make these tasks. For example; when I was in the high school my math teacher, Mehmet Bilici was a very good teacher, gave the challenging tasks to whole class. Firstly, we thought some solution ways about them and then, in the latter lesson, we came together and shared our ideas. This time there were found lots of different and original ideas deal with the problems’ solutions. As a result of this method we enthusiasmly joined the math course and also we learned the one problem’s different solutions. Challenging tasks gain the students not only learning the team work but also provide to looking different angle of the problem’s solution. In conclusion, a good teacher is the teacher who drives the students to thinking the different aspects of the solution. This is verified to give the students challenge tasks. So students’ creative abilities are improved and also they learn the working with a group. For these reasoned I strongly advocate that a good teacher set the challenging tasks for their students. Funda Dogruer Texas Tech University
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