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Alt 03-31-2013
Fatih Arslan Fatih Arslan isimli Üye şimdilik offline konumundadır
Üyelik tarihi: Feb 2011
Bulunduğu yer: USA
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Standart A good sense of humor is one of the most important human qualities

A good sense of humor is a way to communicate with people of around us in an easy manner. People who make clever jokes can express their emotions in a manner of easily and efficiently towards other people, and create warmer environment, which is open to communication. Stress of daily life encourage people to access relax environment.


Humorous people make them feel relax by looking through from a different angle of a real life. Such people can reflect the incredible serious situation with a group of words nobody can ever imagine. For example, a person who has just got fired may easily say ‘I have a lot of time taken a vacation’. However a person who does not have a sense of humor make complain about his/her problem all the time and make people unhappy around him/her. Very few people are willing to interact a person who makes them unhappy. This people influence not only their psychology negatively but also psychology of people who share the same environment. Humorous people can gain lots of experiences from the event which happens around them. If the event involves factors that have negative impact on people, they are able to convert these negative factors to useful thing.

A lot of people complaining about daily stress and monotonous life style are in need of a funny environment. Some activities which make them forget their stress and give them opportunities to taste the life. Meeting with humorous friends are the best solution for alleviate their stress. For instance last year I had some problems in my private life and that time I felt myself lonely too much. Fortunately I had some humorous friends and they interested me a lot and I learned to view events from the direction of positive side. More importantly I gained insight how a bad thing can teach me nobody ever can. Still, I meet these friends to escape my daily stress and have good time.

In conclusion, humorous people are able to look at the real life different angle. They do not only relax themselves but also they help the other people feel relax. Thus a lot of people prefer to be with humorous people and I believe that a good sense of the humor is one of the most important human qualities.

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