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Alt 05-15-2011
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Standart Dİğer Arama Motorları

Posted on Ağustos 14, 2009 |
Seo a long time I did not write the article, this time seo article you’ll go to the natural and best quality today Backlink bahsedelim.Link retrieval methods – the development of sales markets and to extend this period of change in the link do still exist, but as before does not interest the blog article and presentation footerdan toll purchased popular links.
I rarely link to a reception in front of people and link to purchase from the site link you need to be careful when receiving sevmem.Link elements.
* Content similarity
* Current
* Number of index in search engines
* Design suitability (W3)
* Alexa assessment
* Site on the hidden link, text, and black hat similar to application.
* If entry + points can be seen as Dmoz.
You can create purchase rather link Link How? For this, a few sites on different ip is enough according to the above elements to your site a little time aging of sites with different class ip introduction text + footer link all your sites with linkleyebilirsiniz.
Besides, especially in the current issue of the article to hit digg, tusul, oyyla, delicious, technorati, such as social imle sure the sites you have to use facebook wider audience to address groups or if there is a high number of friends a link from your profile bookmark as you can add this to your site so that visitors can take.
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Comments on the Importance of the Articles of gold
Posted on Ağustos 13, 2009 |
I like my posts, however, is not writing, draw visitors from Google is the information in comments below!
Therefore, we know the value of the comments our requirements and regulations. Have to correct spelling errors. Comments by people instead of the title has me hi or hello, in accordance with this title is change for people that visitors can easily find what they’re looking for. This interpretation is not in the title alone anywhere. ‘too. A very useful thing.
Issues need to delete the junk from the old post, comments have to delete messages instead of written kelâm salute. Comments appear in an entire summer and you.
Comments should add to our personal friendship relations. If you write something else instead, we comment, let me again, but “you can delete the” Let’s write a note.
Important comment. Because writing matters of rich. Each other’s horizons expand. Can affect their mutual perspectives. In addition to providing information and searching for information and ad revenue Mitzvah Keep winning the campaign, called Sprinkle things up to the value of bloglarımıza floor has great importance.
In written comments to be considered useful points:
1 – Mutual benefits in terms of pagerank comments: Blogcu friends with you the vast majority of people with the same subject must be in writing. If the two articles on the site if you have the same issues, themes that are identical to a site with PR 4 and above me in the comments come through your site, your visitors will be effects to increase your PR rating.
2 – Sprinkle and in terms of SEO benefits: better understand the text. If you have missing keywords, try to provide your comments. For example in the article mentioned, but the treatment so the disease has not been mentioned. In this case you talk about your treatment.
Avoid repeated. Make sure do not write comments, and other similar comments. If there are comments coming from your own site similar decrease. Az ve öz olsun. Just know this kind of error in terms of SEO to me is major damage.
Use keywords measured. Do not repeat in the article too. Not in the article is gerktiği specify keywords in comments.
Do not copy the sentences in the article, and add your comments. This is done frequently. Is harmful.
3 – Writing to add something important. Additional important to find the point.
4 – Make sure the spelling rules. Point to the end of every sentence at least in sheep. Correct spelling errors in the interpretation to you.
Category: Google Seo Teknikleri Tags: arama motoru optimizasyonu, article, comments, makale, search enginee optimization, seo, seo tactics, seo tavsiyeleri, seo teknikleri, yorum
Search engine optimization(SEO) tactics
Posted on Ağustos 10, 2009 |
By someone known to you a little about seo tactics will. If you truly do, if robust, durable and can get high hits in size.
Tactical following;
Especially for those who like to muscle backlick open a site, but script (system) do not install. We are under construction and a place index toplist, prli do-no follow blogs, or other directory type sites that provide Backlink can say “link is muscle”. This site is probably as much muscle as a result we have the Google sandbox filter box will enter the uncle. So in fact the situation appears desperate in the way of everything.
Enough to obtain by our own Backlink ie 1k, 2k. These words will vary according to size. In the meantime, let us say forgetting; Backlink muscle up and calls the first script when the future what we want out of word (title) and add.
Anyway, after that our systems are installed. Google’s new and update site automatically and we will link sandbox with an excellent view of the effects will reach.
Stay happy ..
Category: Google Seo Teknikleri Tags: arama motoru optimizasyonu, Google Optimizasyon, google seo, Search engine optimization, search engine optimization tactics, seo, SEO Optimizasyon, seo optimization tactics, seo optmization
What is Search Engine?
Posted on Ağustos 3, 2009 |
Web page you are looking for millions of Internet information that you think may be difficult to find. To facilitate this process is very fast and very high-capacity servers that text in the Web page indexing services (Web sites) are located. These are the search directory (directory), search engine (search engine), or different types, such as metasearch and directory information olabilir.Arama sorted in categories and selection information are available, site owners submit a search in the summary information is made. Search engine to include the word you are looking for the site and you will bring all kinds of condition. Metasearch multiple searches in search engines is the name given to the site.
At the same time search directory and search engine site, among the best known example is Google, AltaVista and Yahoo! ‘Stop. This search page, Search (Search) line that you want to use to find information by entering key words, Search (Search) button click that word passed to the Web site’s address in the list appears. However, these search engines may also move against the thousands of pages of words can bring this to your.
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To write articles, powered by Google
Posted on Ağustos 3, 2009 |

A while Google and SEO friendly write articles dealing with topics relevant to the issues I’m currently in my English is quite a document as best I can I like I tried to translate for you. The importance of original content, new start to notice that in this period of your content so that only the original is not enough and get your ranking hemde amusing article to read users to offer you must follow certain guidelines are now let’s look at them a little.
Write the correct heading
World’s largest library on the Internet now in the position, with all kinds of information people need can be easily achieved, but the important thing now for them to offer you the information you have prepared. Internet searching for information on a person’s first point to note is the title so the title on Google or other search engines not to have to prepare for visitors, a visitor looking at the title after you read the entire article and have decided not to read.
So how are visitor-friendly titles?
First visitors to our website via search engines, let’s say it is, in this context is always useful to keep the title is short. Write about the general idea vericek 6 – 8 words of the title is ideal for visitors and search engines up to 8 – 10 words of the title indicates. Now we will compare the two examples header
My driving experience with my new car
* Porsche driving experience with Spider
First, to first look at the title article provides general information, but it seems the article is just a fan you are the person who reads the necessary information because the header does not contain the people searching about maybe Porsche Spider, but is searching for information inside the information truly call Do not you know, is the second title is the ideal in the general sense article describes the content of the required information, and covers part of the title track I want to review; title only Porsche Spider-written if you see this title in the visitors most likely in copy or a limited content will think the reason is very clear, so the title is! Only the above mentioned driving experience, the way I would write the car’s brand, model without knowing the person you are interested in your driving experience.
Titles on little more detail specified want to write at the beginning of the headlines for visitors to write told the headlines for search engines to optimize the necessarily will get you better results, for example Porsche brand of car performance to improve at that article, let’s take “Porsche’unuz desired speed can not go parçarlarını XX Use “Instead of a headline like” XX with performance parts to increase performance Porsche’un “a title as will provide more efficiency.
Headlines about the latest clues to copy the headers to use to avoid in the direction of the living and an excellent original article might have spelled but previously used as a title for this article and to use for search engines is not for visitors probably as spam algılanıcaktır so on an article before posting title better previously used to check whether you must, is already used, change your headline, but I do not have many alternatives if you’re also probably a bad title can add new words or remove to use the title, but copies of the last thing you need to do!
Article content preparation
Preparing an article on article content, keyword density and link to first have to be careful. Do not hesitate to use the link in the article, for any word or an article on another site within your site that links to another article about those words to give your article will further strengthen. Before using the key word in your article is always the key word analysis tools to analyze your keyword and its variants for use in your articles so that you can select the most appropriate keywords. In an article that the ideal keyword density% 2 – 4 are among the 500 words it means that you have set up an article or the keywords you select should not exceed 10 words in total. Keywords are the doors opened to new visitors, write the correct and proportionate use of keywords on Google in a short time the article’s biggest supporters will not rise, but excessive use of keywords for your article to be recognized as spam can cause. Here is probably too high a sentence as spam algılanıcak “BMW performance parts, BMW will raise the performance of your vehicle” instead of a sentence such as “Alternative parts can boost the performance of your BMW vehicle” is more appropriate sentence. Should not forget that the first sample may not be perceived as spam, but maybe that sentence to read for visitors will be tasteless and therefore Google would he write articles on my visitor-friendly. Visitors quality information to offer on your article you use the technical term shortened opening of the writing do not neglect, for example, the automotive industry used about CRDI write an article you’re opening with “common rail diesel injection” kısmınıda articles within a time, use the information to the opening of the need to specify, and expansions of to write information outside the misunderstanding be prevented is important for example to give Turkish a word I do not find the English for example that, “AA” to shorten the article readers by visitors, “American Airlines” or “America’s Army” in the form in different ways can be interpreted visitors think about the absolutely accurate and logical one will find A full application for a future article, but when the source is an important step for the technical terms and shorter.
Articles on how to prepare content that last tip: Güncelliği
Write your articles always contain the latest information must be an old event or something in the past that an article about me, you may be but the search engines enough about these issues on indexlemiş they do not look new and very hot.
Do research before you write
On any topic to write before you start it on the internet about how the research is very useful will be to write about already-written articles and most importantly, these articles made comments Review readers in the article on the missing or insufficient to find the new article you your fill important that you see the keywords with support. A post at least 10 minutes before you start an investigation but does not lose a lot more things than you can win.
The last thing you need to write me when you finish reading, to maintain the professionalism of your writing or spelling errors should check again your words against me, or should be.
As I mentioned this article in general, English was from a source within çevir own thoughts and, of course, a portion of information available in a short time later about content management open my blog many similar article I will share with you. If sufficient interest to the articles within a short time has seen support from external sites, labeling and articles in which keywords will write articles about how to strengthen.
Everbody day with plenty of views.
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Search Engine Optimization Terimleri
Posted on Ağustos 1, 2009 |
Search Engine Optimization dediğimiz olay arama motoru optimizasyonu google amcada önemli rol oynar.Bizde yeni başlayan genç webmasterlar için google karşısında mahçup olmamak için bazı terimler ve bu anlamları vericeğim.Umarım webmaster bilgileriniz genişler.
Dmoz : Googlenin çok değer verdiğini web aleminde önemli bir dizinciğimizdir.Gerek alexa gerekse pagerank değeri olarak güçlü ve sağlam bir dizindir.Web sitesi olanlar buraya eklemek isterler tabi dmoz sitenin kalitesine bakarak içerik ve hit bakımından yüksek olan siteleri alır.
Meta Tag : Webmasterların Search Engine Optimization konusunda söz sahibi olan kodcuklardır.Google meta taglara tanıtıcı rolunde olduğu için önem vermektedir.
Backlink : Backlink denilen olay siteler arası link alışverişi olarak bilinmektedir.Çapraz backlink denilen olay daha googlede daha güvenli olduğu için web site sahipleri bu yöntemi seçmektedir.Sorgulamak için tıklayınız ..
Sandbox : Daha önce geniş bir makale yazmıştım sandbox ile ilgili tekrar kısaca bahsedeyim.Googlenin site sahiplerine abartılı yapılmış işler sonucu verdiği cezadır.Sandbox olayı hangi kelimede ilk sıralardaysan biranda düşmek demektir.
Pagerank : Google sitelere verdiği değeri önemi pagerank sayesinde gösterir.10 puan üzerinden değerlendirir.
Seo : Arama motoru optimizasyonu olarak bilinir.Google ile kanka olmak zorundadır.
Pr : Pagerank kelimesinin kısa yazılışıdır.
Google Ban : Sende google ihlallerine uymassan alırsın oturursun aşağı (:
Hazırlayan : Omar KARAKUS
Category: Google Seo Teknikleri Tags: Arama Motoru, arama motoru optimizasyonu, Google Arama Motoru, Google Reklam vermek, Search Engine Optimization Terimleri, seo, SEO Optimizasyon, seo teknikleri, seo terimleri, Seo Terimleri Sözlüğü, SEO Terimleri ve Anlamları, Seo Yapmak
Google Seo Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu
Posted on Temmuz 8, 2009 |
Öncelikle bu başlığı neden açtığımı okuyucularımı duyurmak istiyorum.
Etrafta bakınıyorum Seo-Google-Arama Motoru Optimizasyonu konularında bazı kaynaklar yalan yanlış birşeyler atmışlar.Kimisi kulaktan dolma bilgiler,kimisi yaptığı yalan yanlış optimizasyonlar tamam bazıları çok doğru haklılar ama bazılarıda resmen abartı unsuru yani.Kimileride kendi çıkarları için milleti kandırıyor.Resmen ayıp yani ..Pff neyse ..
Biz başkalarını bırakalım.Kendi çizgimizden kendi doğrumuzdan sapmayalım arkadaşlar.Alnımızın teriyle emeğimizle birşeyler yapmaya çalışalım.Laf çok uzattım biliyorum ama sanalalemde de neler dönüyor bunlardan haberdar olun kanmayın diye sizlere tavsiye veriyorum.Başınızıda şişiriyor.Hakkınızı helal edin.
Şimdi gelelim esas olan Google-Seo-Optimizasyon konularına.İnternet Türkiyede son yıllarda çok gelişti ve internet kullanıcılar hızlı bir şekilde artmaya başladı.İnternet ne demek web site demek.Web siteler son zamanlar öyle bir artış içindeki.Neredeyse her üç kişinin bir web sitesi var.Web site dedik bu web sitede bir yerde çıkması lazım o da tabiki Google . Siteyi aradığında googlede çıkıcak diye bir şart bir kaide yok.Tabi buda sizin elinizde.Hele şu zamanda yazdığınız kelime googlede yoksa büyük bir sıkıntı var.Ve web sitenizin ilk sıralarda çıkmasıda son zamanlarda gelişen seo teknolojisi tarafından sağlanmaktadır.Bundan ziyade Google seo sitenizin ilk sırada çıkıcak diye size kesin bir belge,makbuz,çek vs vermez.Seo demek sitenizin her yönüyle googlenin seveceği işleri yaptırmak demektir.Örneğin tatil siteniz var ilk sırada tatil kelimesinde çıkmak peşine düşmeyin.Biraz burda saksıyı çalıştırma yöntemi ortaya giriyor.Örneğin; ucuz tatil,tatil köyleri,erken rezervasyon,ucuz tatil yeri,uygun tatil vs.. diye siteniz hangi kelimeyle ilgiliyse onunla kelimeler türeticeksiniz buda sizin hayal gücünüze bakar.
Gel gelelim googlenin sevdigi işlere.Biraz araştıralım google neyi yapınca olumlu tepki verir,neyi yapınca çok kazandırır vs.. gibi konulara açılımlar yapın biraz araştırmacı olun herşey siteniz için.Örneğin google-wordpress kardeşliği var.Bunu bir fırsata dönüştürebilirsiniz.Nasıl yani? derseniz size bir akıl.Wordpress-seo-arama motoru optimizasyonu derim.Yani wordpress gibi sağlam kozumuz var.Wordpress açtınız diyelim.Güncel,özgün içerik ve kendi makalelerinize yer verdiğiniz vakit google-seo-optimizasyon ile ayakta kalırsınız.Tekrar altını çize çize söylüyorum.Başka sitelerin yazdıklarınla işiniz olmasın copy/paste yapmayın.Ordan burdan bişiler çalmayın.Kendiniz olun.
Ve son olarak sizlere KLavyeWeb.Org ailesi olarak bir fırsat sunuyoruz.
Bu firsat nedir? derseniz ..
Google de aradığım kelimede çıkmak istiyorum.Wordpress-seo-optimizasyonu yapmak istiyorum diyorsanız.Bizim ile iletişime geçiniz.
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